How to play Dragon Tiger in SM Games?

Dragon Tiger is a popular card game played in casino centres. It is somewhat similar to a baccarat game.

Originally casino games were rooted in foreign lands. Initially, it was popular on those grounds, but it always fascinated Indians immensely from that long distance. It slowly moved on to some metros in India. Usually, it was believed a game centre for rich people because the cash games required to pay some fees.

The casino has been famous as a gaming centre where people can enjoy multitudes of games, including cards and tables, like rummy, poker, roulette, slots, and many more. Indians mostly loved casinos to entertain with card games. Rummy and teen patti are traditional card games on Indian grounds. Initially, limited Indians participated in the land- based casino, but as it started popularly, more people joined to play classic games in a new way.

The restricted casinos were also because it was assumed as a gambling centre. Gambling is illegal in India, and prudent minds never support it because it involves hard-earned cash and winnings never guaranteed. It is believed that casino games are set so that only the dealer wins at the end. Only a few intelligent players have mastery in the table and card games, handle winnings properly and win attractive cash.

What is Dragon Tiger and how to play it in SM Games?

SM Games is a gaming platform, and you get a list of cash games to play online. The site is verified and modified with the latest technologies and data measurements. It is SSL secured and the added personal and financial data is encrypted that cannot be revealed usually by users or others.

The site is a one-stop platform to enjoy matka and casino games. Matka is highly popular among the punters, but often they need a change, and casino games are good options.

When discussing Dragon Tiger, it is a card game, and players need to test their guessing. Dragon and Tiger are two sides, and you can bet on either side, assuming a higher card falling on which side. Players can also risk money, thinking Dragon and Tiger will get the same card and tie.

Win more playing Dragon Tiger on SM Games

Though Dragon Tiger is highly a luck-based game, it doesn’t mean that you cannot increase your winning chances using strategies or tricks.

SM Games is a decent place, and thousands of old and new players visit the site daily and test their luck. Players love to stand longer in the area because of its quality and trusted services. The site declares live results for matka games, and the casino games results get automatically generated using software like random number generators.

The wallet feature in the SM Games clearly states the cash transactions, the total number of bets with its amounts bet, wins, and losses. Please send a request to the support team for instant withdrawals or call them directly. Provided there are sufficient amounts in the wallet, your requests get approved within 3-4 hours, and money transfers to the bank.


Dragon Tiger is a fun game and easy to understand. Anyone with a few practices can learn more and be a master quickly. Keen observation and quick calculation are essential for a player to maximize winnings. Players loving baccarat and casino war will surely love to try this game. Another important reason to stick to the game for an extended period is winning chances are much more than making losses. We agree luck is the main component because good guessing works to win the game. The game is exciting with straightforward game rules. Thus, the game isn’t intimidating to beginners and novices. Additionally, the SM Games support team is highly experienced and can assist interested individuals anytime for free.

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