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How to Play SM Games?

◈ Visit our official website SM Games

◈ Download the application

◈ Register for free adding the mandatory information including the bank details.

◈ Deposit a minimum sum of Rs. 300/-.

◈ Select your favorite games under any of the primary markets, Regular, King, or Starline.

◈ Each game has a lower betting rate of Rs. 10/- with a higher winning proportion.

◈ Please carefully note down the result timings and try checking the live result in the app.

Additionally, you can play casino games selecting under top games, i.e. Live Table Games, Slot Games, Bollywood, Evolution, Teen Patti, Poker, Cock Fight, and many more.

Your winning amount will get directly deposited in the wallet.

How to Play SM Games

Guidelines to Play SM Matka Games?

The method of placing stakes is straightforward. You need to understand different variations like Open, Close, Jodi, 220 Patti, satta matka games, Sangam, and Half-Sangam. Also, explore the primary live markets, Regular, King, and Starline. Each of these markets is classified into several submarkets. We recommend installing the SM Games app and depositing a minimum of Rs. 300/-. Applications are far better options to enjoy matka online at your convenience.

The lower betting rate is Rs. 10, and the maximum is unlimited. You can place as many bets at the same time. You can select three integers between 0-9 and add them. Suppose the sum of those three integers is 27, then your final ank to wager is 7. The last digit of the derived sum plays the final akda every time. You need to repeat the process twice and thrice for Jodi and Patti, respectively.

◈ Remember to place bets before half an hour. Check live results in the app. The result timings are listed under each game.

◈ Also, concentrate on some points to avoid heavy losses, and gain enormous.

◈ Do not bet in a drunken state or when in a frustrated mood.

◈ Make a rule of limited bettings per day at a lower betting rate.

◈ DISCLAIMER - Please visit and browse this website at your own risk. All the information available here is strictly for informational purposes. Do not bet in plenty of SM matka games at the same time.

◈ Initially, do not rush to bet for Jodi or 220 patti.

◈ Play your games, and do not compete with others.

◈ Always check the live results, and do not compare it with plenty of sites.

SM Games Play Full Rates

Regular Bazar

  • Single Akda - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Jodi - ₹1 pe ₹100
  • Single Panna - ₹1 pe ₹150
  • Double Panna - ₹1 pe ₹300
  • Tripple Panna - ₹1 pe ₹800
  • Sangam - ₹1 pe ₹100

King Bazar

  • Single Digit - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Second Digit - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Jodi - ₹1 pe ₹100

Starline Bazar

  • Single Akda - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Single Panna - ₹1 pe ₹150
  • Double Panna - ₹1 pe ₹300
  • Tripple Panna - ₹1 pe ₹800

About SM Matka Game App Online

Gambling has been a popular form of making money for years. Before, people got involved in the offline mode of risking amount in matka booking. Over time, with new technologies and handy devices, the game switched to online platforms. On top of that, the available applications making rounds in the market allowed the public to have fun and experience quick money making on satta matka game online.

If you love betting, you can also choose to play new games such as Milan Starline. Other games include online Kalyan Starline, online Dubai Starline, and live Matka Games. It's easy to get started with these games because they provide lots of benefits for players.

Players can play live satta matka games Online and even play online. Players can also play the game offline on our website if they don't feel like playing in-game. Gambling online is also available on our site through our app! You can try out other traditional games like Matka on our website easily by using the app!

The legal gambling app, Matka, offers full security and state-by-state licenses to ensure your money is safe. With a fast interface and lag-free bet, the Satta matka game online app is perfect for those looking to play games on their mobile devices. Gamers will find everything they need including intuitive user controls to enjoy time spent online while managing bets with ease.

We have the perfect, most efficient live matka app to attract all kinds of gamblers. An app with extensive features such as an extensive list of games that are available for players looking for everything from a satta matka game app. This app is exclusive and costs less than other live matka apps.

We introduced to you an outstanding online satta matka game app site ruling in the matka industry as one of the top and authentic platforms to share fun and make quick money online, risking a small amount in the listed top live matka bazars and their submarkets. Each of the existing matka platforms looks similar to the copied services and features. Below are the list of points to understand why sm games is a suitable place to register to have fun in matka games.

◈SM Games is a one stop gambling platform to enjoy popular matka games like Kalyan, Time Kalyan, Dubai, Milan, Rajdhani, Sridevi, Mumbai, Janta, Disawar, Gali gold, and many more just in Rs. 10/- with a higher winning proportion on satta matka game app.

Types of Bazar Name

The online matka industry is well recognized for three primary markets, Regular, King, and Starline. Each of these is further classified into the popular matka games.

Game Type Open Time Close Time
Balaji Day 01:00 PM 02:00 PM
Play Kalyan 03:45 PM 05:45 PM
Rajdhani Night 09:30 PM 11:45 PM
Main Mumbai 9:40 PM 12:10 AM
Time Kalyan 12:40 PM 2:40 PM
Syndicate Night 08:10 PM 09:10 PM
Morning Syndicate 02:30 PM 03:30 PM
Milan Day 2:10 PM 4:10 PM
Online Ghaziabad 08: 00 PM -
Dubai Star Line 10:00 PM 03:30 AM
Madhuri 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Play Faridabad 06:00 PM -
Kuber 10:30 PM -
Game Type Open Time Close Time
Morning Syndicate Night 10:00 PM 11:00 PM
Dhanlaxmi Day 12:30 PM 02:30 PM
Dhanlaxmi Night 10:15 PM 11:30 PM
Milan Night 08:55 PM 10:55 PM
Main Sridevi Night 07:00 PM 08:00 PM
Main Ratan Day 03:15 PM 05:15 PM
Madhuri Night 08:30 PM 10:30 PM
Kalyan StarLine 11.00 AM 10.00 PM
Milan Starline 09.30 AM 08.30 PM
Bhootnath Morning 10:30 AM 12:30 PM
Balaji Night 08:25 PM 10:25 PM
Metro Matka 12:30 PM -
Gali Gold 02:30 PM -

SM Games is a suitable place for beginners. All the games have a lower betting rate. Even if you don't win, there is nothing much to lose. But if you win, the winning proportions are attractive and very high.

WON : ₹ 80,000

Aadarsh, Chennai

I had passed through a phase when I completely lost hope to survive during the covid season. Then I heard stories about making online money on S M Games. I kept avoiding registering on the website for three months, but my lousy time forced me to do so. I admit it was the right decision, and today I have regained my hope to live once again.

WON : ₹ 50,000


I love to make money in the SM Games app because of its guessing tips. Several times, I have risked selecting numbers from the guessing tips and won exciting cash rewards. You can also take a chance. If you win, it's exciting, but if you win, it's only a negligible amount of Rs. 10.

WON : ₹ 20,000


Thanks to SM. I did not expect that I would win first prize by playing at SM App. I felt very happy at that moment.

WON : ₹ 95,000

Rajat Bhagat, Mumbai

I never participated in online matka. I heard about it from my friend. I also saw him making money every day and rarely lost any wager. He suggested I install the SM Games app. I tried hard, but I lost nearly 20 bets initially. Then I tried for the last time and decided to acquire master tips from professionals on live chat. It was entirely free, so I did. And it worked out for me. Now I also make money and enjoy different matka games.

WON : ₹ 5,000


Making money becomes achievable on the SM Games website. The site supports the fir bets and entertains online payments only. I have not experienced any fraud in cash transactions.

WON : ₹ 70,000

Daanesh, Gujrat

I am a regular user of this website, and I am highly impressed by the wallet feature in the SM Games app. Now I need not worry about checking transactions. I get to see my entire cash history in the wallet, and I can also download it whenever required.

WON : ₹ 35,000


I recommend this site to players who are interested in making extra income. I also entered gambling with the same intention of making profits. I changed nearly 20 sites before landing on S.M. Games. It is a reliable platform with all-new matka games available in the markets. The results are fast and accurate.

WON : ₹ 95,000

Eashan, Hyderabad

Hi friends!! If you plan to make extra income online sitting at your convenience, select the SM Games platform or install its application. It is a reliable site to risk your hard-earned money. Do not worry about the safety of your private data. The site is trustworthy and dependable, and I have been playing here for two years and still didn't face any issue.

WON : ₹ 50,000

Faarooq, Indor

If you want to make money from online matka games, Casino, teen patti, skill games, it is only suitable. I have experienced playing matka and casino games on this site several times and won exciting cash rewards.

WON : ₹ 20,000

Ganesh, Pune

I love having fun on weekends because it has multiple sources to make money from matka and casino games. Additionally, if your luck favours, you get exciting cash rewards directly into your wallet, and you can withdraw them instantly within 24 hours. I never faced payment issues on this site or in the app.

WON : ₹ 1,00,000

Aafreen, Kochi

I was a player of offline matka booking for decades. The online matka was out of my mind. I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy matka. But my colleague forced me to at least join and try matka online. I tried on the SM Games platform and registered for his satisfaction and interest. It took a short time, but I would say the site is a superb place to enjoy matka games. Whenever I faced issues or troubles, I utilized the live chat option and connected with the support team. Both were immensely helpful in solving my doubts and problems.

WON : ₹ 1,40,000

Mukund, Surat

Due to covid season, I lost my job and got overloaded with heavy debts to run my family. The covid season continued for longer, and I was still jobless. I had no such assets to take loans. Seeing my condition, my neighbour shared an idea of playing casino games or matka games, whatever I feel or can try at my best. I was a rummy champion in my college days. I installed the SM Games app and tried my hands in casino rummy. Initially, it was a bit tough to understand the online ways, but later I made good money.

WON : ₹ 1,75,000

Samrat, Faridabad

I do not get time in the day to enjoy matka games. I installed the Play Matka app to wager in the night games. I am a regular player of Dubai Starline, and I like this application because it instantly announces the results within minutes. The live results of Starline markets in the app help me to decide for the next betting. The results are always fair and accurate.

WON : ₹ 1,00,000

Prabhat, Jodhpur

Nothing can be guaranteed about gambling. You may win or lose. But for sure, you have ways to maximize your winning chances by using features like guessing tips and matka charts on this site. SM Games online matka site has exciting features for free. I have used it in many of my matka bettings and won several times. I assure you if you give this site a try on this site, you would like to play more games.

WON : ₹ 1,90,000

Surya, Salem










What is SM Games?

It is a verified online platform for fun and taking a chance in different primary live matka bazars and submarkets at a lower betting rate of Rs. 10/- with exciting higher winning proportions and live results. Also different casino games,Teen patti, dragon tiger, andhar bahar, roulette, poker, rummy, baccarat, live table games, slot games, Bollywood, Live table SSG, Cock-fight, Evolution are some of the top games in the app

What Is Satta Matka Game Online?

Online matka is a remake version of offline matka booking. Now gambling can be enjoyed online in many more markets and matka games, placing stakes in different game variations like Jodi or 220 patti simultaneously in the same game.

Which Factors Do Winning SM Games Depend on?

Winning SM Games becomes far more practicable using a verified application. Utilizing features like guessing tips, live chat options, influential blogs, weekly astrology, etc., are immensely helpful. Initially, people believed it entirely a luck game. Still, over time, the onset of satta matka game online gaming ways and new features demands players to analyze the different results charts and create strategies and evaluate unique methods to calculate the lucky numbers for every new stake.

How to Play Satta Matka Game Online at SM Game App?

Visit our official website and register for free. You can play directly on the website. But we recommend downloading and installing our SM Games app. Deposit a minimum sum of Rs. 300/-, and select any of your choicest games categorized under the live matka markets.

Is online SM Games legal in India?

Online SM Games is illegal in India because gambling is not permitted to rule society by the governing bodies. But wagering in satta matka games online using applications is far safer than having fun on websites.

How Can I Deposit Money in Satta Matka Games?

You need to download the application from our official website. Register free and add mandatory details that are correct to date. Once your added information is verified, you can add a minimum of Rs. 300/- opting for any of the listed payment gateways.

Is My Money Safe in Satta Matka Game App?

Undoubtedly, your money is safe in your wallet. You can use it for playing stakes whenever required. The amount in the wallet stays secure until you withdraw, or else after a specified period, it gets transferred to your linked bank.

Can I Use More Than One Payment Method in Sm Matka?

Yes, you can. You can select from the given payment gateways options and make deposits or withdrawals.

Is There a Limit on How Much I Can Withdraw?

Minimum you can withdraw up to 1000 rupees. One time withdrawal limit is up to Rs. 50,000. If your withdrawal amount exceeds 50,000 rupees, you need to make multiple requests for withdrawing amounts.

Do I have to deposit money when opening an account?

Yes, you need to deposit a minimum sum of Rs. 300/-.

I Don't Know How to Play Sm Games. How Can I Learn to Play Satta Matka Game Online?

Playing SM Games on satta matka game app. You can watch related videos on youtube. You can read related blogs and articles on the site. At the initial stage, you can take assistance from the support team. You can start with selecting any matka under the primary market and place a minimum bet. Choose integers between 0-9 and place wager before half an hour. The results timings are listed under the markets name. Keep practising with lower bets for some days, and you will gain good knowledge with each chance.


For decades casino games have been enjoyed offline. The casino initially comes from foreign lands. Like matka, it also enchants people with different tables and card games. Initially, people get to visit its centres and play offline. Over time, with the onset of online gaming platforms, casinos got added over here. Now people can enjoy different casino games at their convenience using the satta matka game app.

Some of the Top Games in the App
There's no human interference in controlling the games and declaring the results as it is an online casino. Thus, you can enjoy the fair bets.